June 8th

As a left libertarian I personally believe that the concentration of power in parliamentary and representative systems will always lead to inequality and a division between a “political” class and the rest of society. There is a repugnant revolving door between Westminster to positions of power and wealth. It is a deep-seated web that prevents decisions being taken in favour of most of society, worsening the social and environmental crises we face. The solution to our problems does not lie within the narrow confines of neoliberal or state capitalist dogma.

However, given the current circumstances, I do not subscribe to the idea of abstaining from the UK’s general election on June the 8th. If the Tories are left in power they will continue their warpath against the environment, sensible foreign policy, human rights, social justice, the rights of sick and disabled individuals, the NHS, the education system, public housing and just about anything that could help remediate social ills and create a healthy society. Here’s a nice little list of things the Tories have done in the last seven years:

I could go on and on, there’s hundreds of appalling examples of the disdain the Conservative party shows for human decency. Then Theresa May topped it all of by stating that she’d have no issues with launching a first nuclear strike capable of killing 100.000 innocent civilians. Not even a blink. Not even a thought for the people who would be incinerated whilst the government retreated to a bunker and waited for some horrible new society to emerge, one they could govern over with no dissent. A vote for the Tories is a vote for literal psychopaths who will do anything to retain power and wealth.

If a vote for Labour is a vote against the horror of the Conservative party then I’ll vote Labour.


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