Ctrl Alt Delete Report on the Alt-Right

This is a couple of months old now but well worth a read. This report by Political Research shows the components and movements that make up the USA’s Alt-Right, and underlines its trends and many contradictions. It is far more varied in means, goals and directions than is portrayed in the media, as well as being sectarian and contradictory in itself. 

It does not seem like a unified, homogenous movement, but more of a web of varied strains of capitalist, fascist, white supremacist, Tea Party “libertarians” and right-wing to far-right ideologies, ideologues and groups. Their one unifying factor is Donald Trump’s election, and the fact that they all will benefit from the election of a Twitter-crazy reactionary manchild demagogue to the most important political position in the world. 

Welcome to late capitalism. I dunno about you guys, but I can’t wait for the impending resource wars over increasingly slim reserves of extreme energy, and water and food supplies being ravaged and rationed due to the global failure to initiate a paradigm beyond endless growth. I for one welcome our new oily methane-harvesting capitalist overlords.


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